Who I Am

Jyoti McKieI have always been lead by my heart and have been gifted by being open to see energy, auras and chakras and  live in  a place of spiritual receptivity. This has enabled me to work with animal spirits and  channel Spirit Masters who provide insights & healing  to any who seek wisdom and spiritual nurturing.  I am touched and honoured to be able to work on a spiritual level with so many people. Please look through the following and see if there is any way in which I can help with your situation. You have been led here by your heart. Find me on Facebook

Shamanic Healing

To be guided to know one’s inner self in relation to the power of the Earth, is an exceptional pathway that can lead to immediate heart- filled healing and spiritual growth.

 Shamanic healing and the shaman's insight make it is possible to tap into the powers of nature for support and true balance. To learn more about shamanic healing and how it can help you contact me now.

Psychic & Spiritual Work

For over 25 years  I have worked with and helped many people concerned about their psychic and spiritual development. For more information about working with your own psychic and spiritual  awareness, please contact me to organise a session now.


I am blessed to channel the Spirit Master Ol Ya Ma, a benevolent higher being who provides open understanding and soothing relief for many. His generous and practical advice helps you  find just the right answers. Arrange your channelling session with the Master now.

The Women's Wheel of Awakening

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For fresh updates and Womens Wheel insights go to Jyoti's Blog: www.womenswheel.wordpress.com


The Healing Earth Book and Deck – 2nd Edition

Clear wisdom and insight are offered in these pages integrated with meditative practices. This 2nd edition  of the Healing Earth Book & Deck is now released with fresh insights and spiritual imagery.  you will always receive the guidance you most  need for your journey. If you have a question then this tarot deck will truly assist you. Click here for more information or to purchase The Healing Earth Book and Deck.